* PRETTY BOY: The White Bear Theatre London, 2004
A play about an ex-action hero and a milk carton heiress who meet in rehab. With alternative endings.

“In our celebrity obsessed culture where Hello and Heat magazines decide who’s in and who’s out, Sam Hall’s new comedy is a timely comment on face values… This is a fun play with some really comic moments.” Culture Wars

* HE SAID, SHE SAID: The Landor Theatre London, 2005
A rom-com set on the night before a wedding. In homage to screwball movies of the ’40s. Split screen techniques.

'He Said, She Said', featuring Chris Bell, Emma Jaeger, Cathy McManamon, Andy Pandini, Miles Spencer; dir, Anthony Klein

‘He Said, She Said’, featuring Chris Bell, Emma Jaeger, Cathy McManamon, Andy Pandini, Miles Spencer; dir, Anthony Klein.

SEVEN TUNES ON THE FLUTE / Sette melodie per flauto: Trend festival of new British writing, Teatro Belli Rome, Italy, April 2013
A play about a group of friends who are all affected in different ways by a traffic accident. The play follows their lives for 25 years.

‘A complex structure masterfully developed and supervised by Hall who proves skillful in the art of storytelling.’

* MY MIND IS FREE: Arts Council England supported tour of London, Surrey and Kent, October 2015 and Edinburgh Festival 2017
Giang, Beatriz, Violeta and Colin are four strangers from different countries who find themselves thrown together in a situation out of their control, and out of their understanding. MY MIND IS FREE tells the stories of four people who have been trafficked. Book available to buy.

Photos from the tour of My Mind is Free

‘My Mind is Free’, featuring Cassandra Bond, Emma Miller, Waylon Ma, David Sayers; dir, Jude Spooner.

“Each of the four human trafficking stories were also well researched and rang so true, so close to the cases we come across.” Anti-Slavery International

“an important show” 4 stars (****), FemaleArts

“a compelling, thought-provoking story” Wow Kent

Shortlisted for the Human Trafficking Foundation’s Anti-Slavery Day media awards 2016. 

* SANDCASTLES: Longlisted for the Theatre Fest West Award 2016.
The story of a transgender woman coming to terms with her past.


* SEA MONSTERS AND VESSELS AT SUNSET: part of The Turner Plays,  The Etcetera Theatre, 2008 (and The Horsebridge Whitstable, March 2011)
A short play about story telling set in the Icelandic North in the days of the sagas.

“Value for money in The Turner Plays at the Camden Fringe can’t be beaten. Five short plays by five new writers, based on five paintings by Turner, developed by Red On Black Productions (…)

Sea Monsters romped along as a (…) charming and well-written little number, embracing the fantastical edge of Turner’s work with a light and playful touch.” The Londonist

* THE LEGEND OF SWIFT NICK: part of  The 7th Traveller, Dickens Festival 2010

A short play about Britain’s second most famous highwayman.

* BOOKS ALIVE!: part of Low Expectations, Dickens Festival 2011
Time travel and fictional characters coming to life in this original short play inspired by Great Expectations.

* THE AUDITION: part of What’s through the door?, Canal Cafe London and Rochester Literature Festival 2013
What’s through the door? is an unexpected evening of three different but linked, one act plays by 4 writers, all inspired by the same story, and featuring a key. THE AUDITION follows a wannabe actor as he wrestles with his conscience, or maybe darker forces.

“Three plays in one, each delightful and mysterious. The pieces are beautifully and intelligently connected by an overarching narrative.” 4 stars (****) Everything Theatre

* LOVE NEVER RETURNS MORE: part of The Spirit of my Dream, Rochester Literature Festival 2014
This portmanteau play was inspired by a poem by Byron, ‘The Dream’, and used the imagery of dreams and sleep to take the audience on a surreal journey of a lucid dreamer. In three dreams by three writers we met a cast of unusual characters; from Restoration comedy, to fairytale, and to a dark future landscape. LOVE NEVER RETURNS MORE featured Aphra Behn and Nell Gwynn.


* SEE MONSTERS: part of Maid in Kent She Writes showcase, Lounge on the Farm, July 2012, and The Horsebridge Whitstable, July 2012
A remixed 10-minute family-friendly version of Sea monsters and vessels at sunset, starring glove puppets!

* HOW THE GARGOYLE GOT HER WINGS and SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS: Icon Theatre Youth groups, Christmas 2014
Two 20-minute plays for youth theatre groups aged 7-9, and 10-12.

* SHIPSHAPE SHENANIGANS and SWAMP ROMP: Icon Theatre Youth groups, Summer 2015
Two 20-minute plays for youth theatre groups aged 7-9, and 10-12.

Photos of plays for Icon Theatre

‘Shipshape Shenanigans’ and ‘Swamp Romp’ 2015 (c) Icon Theatre.






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