She Writes – another wonderful night of short plays by women

Pic of Cast and director
The cast and director

I programmed and hosted the second of the 17Percent ‘She Writes’ nights on 7 December.

The range of plays showcased was very wide – even though it fitted to the theme of a meal. Cannabalistic aliens, angsty ad execs, a couple of murderesses – one more psychotic than the other, the story of Adam’s first wife in the Garden of Eden, and a grown-up (and gone to seed) Mary and Joseph were amongst the treats on display.
What I enjoy most about these nights is seeing how the plays change from page to performance. Sometimes a play has something that you can’t define when you’re reading it, but you know that there is something there and it becomes magic once it’s read out loud. Sometimes a play that reads well and you think is great doesn’t work as well on stage. Getting to see (and acknowledge) which your play is, is an important part of the development process for a writer, and as someone who programmes the event, is also important, though I think we’ve managed to achieve a high proportion of plays that really work in the She Writes nights so far.
Thanks to the cast and director who interpreted the plays, and thanks to all the writers who have submitted work. The next She Writes night is on 21 March 2012. It has an international theme as it is during International Women’s Month.
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