A new short story, a giant ship in a bottle and Rufus Hound’s weak bladder

Some things I’ve been doing recently – wrote a short story for a competition last week. Cross your fingers for me! Quite pleased with it and got the short story fire in my belly now, so going to try and do a bit tomorrow… Also been writing pieces for two events that I’m performing in – this Saturday I’ll be at Kent County Hall, performing a piece for i am small THE WORLD IS BIG, called ‘Memories of my world in RUBY slippers’. The weekend after it’s the Dickens Festival, and for that I’m doing a short play about Estella’s mother.

I also met with lovely playwright Samantha Ellis, and once I upload my interview with her to the 17Percent Youtube channel, I’ll put a link.

The fourth plinth - Ship in a bottle by Yinka Shonibare

The fourth plinth - Ship in a bottle by Yinka Shonibare

This week I had the best Tuesday. Travelled into London to see Ghost Stories, but before seeing the show wandered down into the Crypt of St Martin’s in the Fields, where after some healthy school dinners type nosh, wandered into a private view and had a nice glass of red. Coming out of the Crypt cafe we saw something interesting in Trafalgar Square, so popped over to see this magnificent ship in a bottle. Sat next to Rufus Hound in Ghost Stories, he must have been scared as the first thing he said when it finished was how he needed to go to the loo.

We couldn’t get into Charing Cross tube, so walked over to Waterloo and from the bridge saw a load of beach huts. (This is beginning to sound like a dream!) However there are some Festivals going on at the Southbank – which I’m definitely going back to.

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